We create respecting raw materials

We invite you to discover the heart of our culinary philosophy: fresh ingredients, natural discipline, endless search and innovative cooking methods that respect the raw materials and their qualities.

The Colani team is a real orchestra: every element keeps the balance and shares the harmony that shines from the plates.



We create following the Nature's rhythm

The deep bond with the land and nature inspires us every day. The rhythms and cycles of nature guide our work of creation in the kitchen.
Every season has its own natural herbs and fruits: we combine them infusing our love and respect to the dishes.

The natural and local ingredients: lichen in April, dandelion in May, mushrooms in September, thyme and all the spontaneous herbs enrich our recipes and nourish this deep bond with the land.



We love combining and mixing local ingredients with products from all over the world. It is our wish to offer our Guests an intense gourmet experience that inspires your taste and wishes.

Thanks to our search of ingredients and products we can create infinite taste compositions respecting our culinary philosophy and enriching the recipes from entrées to desserts.



The Colani cellar: 


Our sommelier takes care of the wine cellar with more than 200 wines.

We suggest them to let you experience the full harmony with the chosen dishes.

So, take your time at Colani, experience the combinations of taste and share your emotions with us.


Paolo Casanova


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